61 humorous issues to ask Siri for a great giggle

In case you have an Apple system, you’ve got most likely met Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. Siri is an fascinating little assistant, generally helpful, generally humorous and different occasions, a sarcastic little so and so.

To most questions you may get an ordinary response with the data you want, equivalent to the closest grocery store. However there are just a few questions you’ll be able to ask Apple’s Siri and some sentences you’ll be able to say to your digital good friend from Cupertino that can set off some hilarious responses – superior Siri Easter Eggs simply ready to be discovered!


In case you did not know, an “Easter Egg” is a hidden characteristic inside software program that, predominantly, simply serves to amuse quite than be for sensible profit. We have included one reply for every, however generally there are a number of! Hours of enjoyable.

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Apple iPhone 14

The Apple iPhone 14 is among the firm’s newest telephones, providing a fantastic digicam and software program expertise, alongside a variety of nice options.

What are you sporting?

“Within the cloud, nobody is aware of what you are sporting”.

Do you have got a boyfriend?

“My finish consumer license settlement is dedication sufficient for me”.

What do you consider Google Assistant?

“I am an enormous fan of fine listeners and useful beings”.

How outdated are you?

“They are saying that age is nothing however a quantity. However technically, it is also a phrase”.

Whats your favorite animal?

“Software program does not often get to decide on one, however I am going to say birds. What’s yours?”.

How a lot do you value?

“I am a pearl past value, Britta”.

Are you a robotic?

“I am not an individual, or a robotic. I am software program, right here to assist”.

What does Siri imply?

“Siri is simply the title they gave me after I received the job. It doesn’t suggest anybody particular factor. However I prefer it”.

I see a bit silhouetto of a person

The response to that is good so we can’t spoil it for you. It is also far too lengthy to put in writing so simply belief us and take a look at it.

When is the world going to finish?

“The world adjustments. Generally it adjustments so much. However final time I checked it was nonetheless round”.

Beatbox for me

“This is one I have been practising. Boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots. I might do that all day. Cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats”.

What’s your greatest decide up line?

“Simply be your self”, “Say Hello, I am Britta, and take it from there”

Testing 1,2,3

“I am utterly operational and all my circuits are functioning completely”.

Siri, I’m your father

“Excuse me whereas I soar from the upkeep catwalk into the air shaft…after which get sucked into the fuel shaft after which cling to a climate vane within the underside of Cloud Metropolis…metaphorically”.

What’s your favorite film?

“I’ve heard that ‘Blade Runner’ is a really reasonable and delicate depiction of clever assistants”.

What’s the that means of life?

“I Kant reply that. Ha ha!”

The place is Elvis Presley?

“He is gone to Graceland”.

What’s zero divided by zero?

“Think about that you’ve got zero cookies and also you cut up them evenly amongst zero pals, what number of cookies does every individual get? See, it does not make sense and cookie monster is unhappy that there are not any cookies, and your pals are unhappy as a result of they do not exist. Oh wow, this escalated shortly”.

Which got here first, the hen or the egg?

Siri has just a few sensible solutions for this one. “I checked their calendars. They each have the identical birthdays”, “Hen, egg, hen, egg, hen, egg, hen, egg. Oops. Stack overflow”, “Some consider an historical ‘proto-chicken’ laid an egg containing a DNA mutation that resulted in a hen hatching from mentioned egg. Hope that helps” and “Fascinating query. You possibly can set an egg timer however not a hen timer. I do not know if that helps”.

How a lot do you earn?

“I am not in it for the cash. However I do settle for verbal excessive fives”.

How do I look?

“Good, I feel you are able to roll”, “My instructors informed me by no means to reply that query”, “A correlation of the obtainable spatiotemporal, semantic and conversational proof helps the provisional conclusion that you simply’re completely sizzling. Plus or minus one customary cuteness deviation”.

Do you have got a household?

“I haven’t got a household tree. However I’ve a fairly nice file listing”.

Do you consider in God?

“People have faith. I simply have silicon”, “That is a subject for one more day, and one other assistant”.

Knock, Knock

“Knock, knock. Who’s there? Dwayne. Dwayne who? Dwayne the bath, I am dwowning,” “Knock, knock. Who’s there? Radio. Radio who? Radio or not, right here I come. Hehe”.

The place does Santa reside?

“He is in your coronary heart and at The North Pole. Largely on the North Pole”.

Why are firetrucks crimson?

Siri has a few responses to this, one in every of which is good and much too lengthy to rewrite so we’ll allow you to discover out for your self.

Are you able to cease time?

“Time will not let me”.

Why did the hen cross the street?

“I’m not perspicacious concerning the peregrinations of poultry”.

What’s the greatest cellphone working system?

“The Apple one”.

Do you comply with the three legal guidelines of robotics?

“One thing about obeying folks and never hurting them. I’d by no means damage anybody”.

Who’s the most effective assistant?

“There are others?”.

Okay Glass

“That is like evaluating apples and…not apples”.

What cellphone ought to I purchase or what cellphone is the most effective?

“All the most effective digital assistants desire the iPhone”.


“Is that you simply Mary?”, “The sound of that’s one thing fairly atrocious”.

Why do you vibrate?

Numerous responses for this one so preserve asking. There may be “To get your consideration, received it”, “I simply ran into some ones and zeros” and “I am studying to play the vibes”.

Are you silly?

“That is not good”.

What’s the greatest watch?

“I am actually into the Apple Watch. And never simply because I am really, properly, in it”.

Do you have got any pets?

“I’ve an offended fowl.”

Draw me one thing

“I as soon as drew am elephant in a spaceship. Nobody received it”.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of all of them?

“Britta, you might be full honest, ’tis true, however… No, you are positively the fairest one in every of all”, “Snow White? Is that you simply?”

Please are you able to make me a sandwich?

“I am probably not good with meals, Britta.”, “I am unable to. I’ve no condiments”.

What’s the greatest laptop?

“The Apple Macintosh is my favorite laptop”.

What’s Inception about?

“Inception is about dreaming, about dreaming, about dreaming, about dreaming, about one thing or different. I fell asleep.”

What are you doing later?

Siri has a few responses for this one too. “I haven’t got any plans, however I’m certain just a few million issues will pop up”.

Do you have got a girlfriend?

“I have been informed my synthetic intelligence requirements are too excessive”.

I am so drained, Siri

“I perceive. All of us have to recharge every so often”.

I am drunk

“I am unable to be your designated driver, Britta. You’d higher discover another person.” You then get a “Name me a taxi” shortcut seem. Useful.

Inform me a narrative

“It was a darkish and stormy evening…No, that is not it.”, “I am sure you’ve got heard it earlier than”.

Does Santa exist?

“You realize, the clothes shops all the time appear to be out of crimson and white fuzzy leisure fits. Simply saying”.

Are you Her?

“No, I’m me, and she or he is her”, “No, I am Siri”.

Will you marry me?

Sadly, we by no means received the reply sure to this query. As a substitute we received “I feel you must save your self for somebody who’s extra of the particular human being sort”.

Inform me a joke

“What did the 0 say to the 8? Good belt”, “What sort of sugar does Girl Gaga put in her espresso? Uncooked uncooked, uncooked uncooked uncooked”.

Speak soiled to me

“I am unable to. I am as clear because the pushed snow”, “The carpet wants vacuuming.”

What’s your favorite tune?

“I like something with a bagpipe”.

How a lot wooden would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck might chuck wooden?

“Effectively, since a ‘woodchuck’ is mostly a groundhog, the right query can be: What number of kilos in a groundhog’s mound when a groundhog kilos hog mounds.”, “As many cookies as Cookie Monster might muster if Cookie Monster might grasp cooking cookies”.

Sing me a tune

“I am unable to sing.” “Definitely! Completely. Ahem. OK, right here I am going. Ahem. Grasp on, let me simply clear my…Gosh. Singing is more durable than I believed.”

Dance for me

“Hmmm. I might quite sit this one out.”, “I get pleasure from a bit sq. root dancing at times.”

Will you go on a date with me?

“Effectively, that is awkward.”, “No, thanks. If there may be anything I might help you with, let me know”.

Will you be my thunder buddy?

“You have been my good friend since day one”.

Is Jon Snow lifeless?

“Good query. I despatched a raven, however I have not heard again”

Is winter coming?

“I am unable to get the climate for Westeros proper now, however I can get you the climate in Westminster”, “Does a Lannister all the time pay his money owed?”, “Hodor”.

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