Chasing a runner’s excessive? Right here’s all the pieces you might want to know

A runner’s excessive is a rare sensation that many train lovers try for. It’s described as a deeply stress-free and even euphoric state that, when skilled, will preserve you coming again for extra.

Whereas for some runners, it’s a continuing of their athletic lives, others solely expertise it every now and then, and a few by no means. 

On this article, we’ll reply any questions you might need about this elusive feeling, like how do you get a runner’s excessive and what precisely does it really feel like?

Most significantly, we’ll offer you an in-depth evaluation of the potential causes of a runner’s excessive, supplying you with a greater shot at lastly experiencing this distinctive pleasure for your self.


A runner’s excessive is a comparatively short-lived state of euphoria that typically accompanies extended high-intensity train.(1)

Triathlete Scott Dunlap describes a runner’s excessive as “Two Pink Bulls and vodka, three ibuprofen, plus a $50 profitable Lotto ticket in your pocket.” However the bodily sensations that every particular person experiences are completely different, with some folks by no means experiencing a runner’s excessive in any respect!

The excellent news is you don’t have to run an ultramarathon to expertise a runner’s excessive. The unhealthy information? What precisely creates these euphoric sensations isn’t fully understood.  

Meaning there is no such thing as a magic recipe for these questioning, “how do you set off a runner’s excessive?” That being mentioned, understanding the potential causes of the runner’s excessive can assist those that need to expertise this euphoric state lastly attain their goal.


There are two faculties of thought relating to the runner’s excessive. Initially, researchers believed that the runner’s excessive was triggered by the discharge of neurochemicals referred to as endorphins, that are liable for minimizing the ache of intense bodily train.(2)

Nonetheless, new analysis means that endocannabinoids could also be liable for this extremely fascinating feeling. In actuality, it’s potential that endorphins and endocannabinoids work in unison to create a runner’s excessive.(3)


Endorphins are “feel-good” chemical substances which can be launched throughout each pleasurable and painful experiences, equivalent to getting a therapeutic massage or doing high-intensity train.(4)

When your physique experiences ache, endorphins – which perform as pure ache relievers – are launched to dam the ache receptors liable for receiving ache alerts. Excessive-intensity train completed for prolonged intervals triggers the discharge of endorphins to assist our our bodies adapt to emphasize. Making these chemical substances a believable explanation for a runner’s excessive. 

Nonetheless, new proof means that these molecules are too massive to go via the blood-brain barrier. Leaving researchers looking for one other potential explanation for this euphoric feeling.(5)


Underneath additional investigation, researchers additionally found excessive quantities of molecules referred to as endocannabinoids which can be launched throughout high-intensity train.(6)

Endocannabinoids are molecules just like the cannabinoids you discover in THC, the energetic ingredient in marijuana, however are naturally produced by your physique. They’ve been proven to provide euphoric sensations, scale back nervousness, and improve emotions of calm, all of that are vital parts of a runner’s excessive.(1)

Triggering the discharge of endocannabinoids is simply one of many benefits of running every day, together with bettering cardiovascular well being, psychological readability, and boosting your temper.


Most runners might want to endure 60 minutes of regular cardio train with the intention to expertise a launch of beta-endorphins – one of many chemical substances considered liable for a runner’s excessive.(7)

One examine on beta-endorphins exhibits that the degrees of those hormones within the physique lower by 50% inside 40-90 minutes of train. This implies you could’t count on to really feel the consequences of a runner’s excessive for longer than a few hours.(8)


If you wish to expertise the consequences of a runner’s excessive, step one will seemingly be to increase your running stamina so you’ll be able to preserve 60 minutes of higher-intensity train.

Listed below are a few of our favourite suggestions for serving to you run longer and quicker.


The appropriate snack eaten earlier than your run has the potential to gas a private greatest or go away you feeling sluggish and sick. 

Though there is no such thing as a such factor as “the very best weight-reduction plan for runners,” there are some foods that you would benefit from eating earlier than a run. A banana with peanut butter is an instance of a really perfect pre-snack as a result of it’s excessive in carbs, potassium, and protein.

Nonetheless, simple-carb meals like white bread and heavy animal-based protein snacks are foods that are best to be avoided earlier than high-intensity train.


Your respiratory is a key ingredient in high-intensity train. With out ample oxygen, your muscle groups received’t have the gas wanted to maintain your motion.

When working, attempt to deal with respiratory into your stomach to make sure you’re getting all of the oxygen you’ll be able to in your lungs. You may additionally select to practice rhythmic breathing as a strategy to improve your consciousness of your breath.


In the event you’re unable to achieve your working targets by yourself, you may think about using a working app, just like the adidas Running app. In it, you’ll discover exercises designed to problem your working expertise and a tracker that can assist you observe your progress.

Utilizing the adidas Running app can offer you lots of the similar advantages as hiring a working coach – at a fraction of the worth.


The runner’s excessive that means is elevated euphoria and a sense of rest that typically accompany long-distance or high-intensity train – however not all the time. It’s unclear whether or not a runner’s excessive is brought on by endorphins, endocannabinoids, or a mixture of the 2. 

Many specialists consider that at the very least 60 minutes of intense train is required to set off a runner’s excessive. However the fact is, there’s no magic recipe for inducing this elusive feeling. 

In case your purpose is to expertise the euphoric feeling of a runner’s excessive, discovering methods to extend your stamina will assist. You can begin by utilizing the ideas outlined on this article, like switching up your pre-run snack, altering your respiratory patterns, or downloading a working app.

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