How you can Do the Incline Dumbbell Bench Press for Higher Pec Muscle and Urgent Power

Growing a powerful urgent motion is fairly commonplace recommendation for any lifter trying to make huge positive factors in higher physique improvement. The incline dumbbell bench press, particularly, will add some spice to your chest workout by utilizing a unique approach of assault to carry some distinctive perks.

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Between the dumbbells, inclined physique place, and a few intelligent programming selections, you’ll set the stage for some long-term progress in dimension and power. Right here’s why this chest exercise needs to be a staple for sculpting your higher physique.

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

How you can Do the Incline Dumbbell Bench Press Step by Step

The incline dumbbell bench press provides a couple of new parts to your regular urgent efficiency. Contemplating all of the shifting elements to this variation will provide help to keep dialed in and make nice progress session-to-session. Ideally, the incline dumbbell press requires an adjustable bench to decide on your incline setting and a pair (or full set) of dumbbells.

Step 1 – Get on the Proper Bench

Muscular person in gym sitting on bench holding dumbbells
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Set the backrest to an angle of roughly 45 levels (or the closest angle out there) and regulate the seat to be perpendicular to the remainder of the bench — you received’t be as safe with an incline backrest and horizontal seat. This setup will will let you press from a pleasant, efficient center floor between flat dumbbell bench press and a totally upright shoulder press, and the seat angle will extra successfully help your physique.

Type Tip: Be certain your bench settings are locked in earlier than you begin. Check the angle with lighter dumbbells, or with out weight, to ensure all the pieces is in snug and environment friendly alignment previous to going heavy.

Step 2 – Deliver the Weights Into Place

Short-haired person in gym doing incline dumbbell press
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Decide up the dumbbells and sit down on the incline bench. Relaxation the dumbbells in your thighs along with your thumbs pointed up. “Kick” the dumbbells up towards your shoulders utilizing your legs to generate momentum as you management the burden in a hammer curl movement, bringing your thumbs close to the fronts of your shoulders.

When your wrists are close to shoulder-level, fastidiously rotate your elbows away out of your physique till your palms are dealing with ahead. Relaxation your shoulder blades towards the backrest to totally help your higher physique.

Type Tip: You would possibly be capable of carry each dumbbells up concurrently when utilizing comparatively lighter weights, however it could actually turn into increased threat as soon as weights get heavy. Give attention to getting one dumbbell into place first, then maintain it secure as you repeat with the opposite facet. If you happen to’re battling getting the dumbbells up into the beginning place, ask a good friend (or pleasant wanting gym-goer) for a spot.

Step 3 – Set Your Shoulder Blades, Core, and Ft

Long-haired person in gym doing incline dumbbell press
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Tuck your shoulder blades down and picture placing them “into your again pockets.” This can assist stabilize your upper back and ensure your urgent has a powerful base to provide pressure, notably as soon as fatigue begins to build up.

Squeeze the dumbbells tightly in your palms and interact your belly muscle tissues. The aim right here is to forestall any unintentional arching — some pure again curvature will likely be regular from pinning your shoulder blades, however you’ll need to keep away from any excessive arching which might result in decrease again ache. This manner, your incline press will stay an incline and never slowly flip into a clumsy “flat bench press utilizing an incline.”

Discover a snug foot place roughly shoulder-width aside. As soon as the remainder of your physique is ready up correctly, start evenly driving by way of your ft to determine stress that pushes your physique into the bench. This can assist stabilize your place throughout the set and will let you stop wiggling round throughout more durable reps.

Type Tip: Take into consideration pinning your higher belly muscle tissues to the highest of your ribcage. This visualization ought to provide help to create a powerful core. To maintain your ft in place, consider performing a leg extension to create pressure whereas your ft are digging into the bottom.

Step 4 – Press to Lockout

Muscula person in gym doing incline dumbbell press
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The primary occasion has arrived. Start with the dumbbells simply above shoulder-height, each palms dealing with ahead, and your elbows geared toward a slight angle between your shoulders and your ft. Tense your shoulder blades, interact your core, drive by way of your ft as you press the weights towards the ceiling.

Because the dumbbells cross your face, carry them barely collectively in an arc till they practically meet. Within the locked out place, the weights needs to be typically above your face, not too far ahead (above your chest) or too far again (above the highest of your head).

Type Tip: If you happen to can concentrate on mastering the fitting setup whereas making use of full-body pressure, the dumbbells’ path ought to nearly set itself up completely. If you happen to’re battling controlling the weights, attempt including tempo by shifting extra slowly by way of every part of the train.

Step 5 – Decrease the Weight

Long haired person in gym doing incline dumbbell press
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After efficiently locking out the burden, slowly decrease the dumbbells. As soon as the dumbbells are roughly flush alongside your chest (if mobility permits that vary of movement), reverse course and carry out the subsequent repetition, urgent the dumbbells with management again to the lockout place.

Type Tip: Lifters with poor shoulder mobility or pre-existing shoulder points will not be snug with the stretched place created by holding the dumbbells close to shoulder-level. Work inside a cushty, pain-free vary of movement to keep away from worsening any present joint issues. Urgent with a impartial grip (palms dealing with one another) as an alternative of a palms-forward grip may also assist to scale back shoulder-joint pressure.

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press Errors to Keep away from

Among the most typical errors it’s possible you’ll stumble throughout whereas performing the incline dumbbell press contain varied incorrect physique positioning and poorly carried out urgent. Any certainly one of these can scale back outcomes or create a chance for harm. Right here’s what to be careful for.


A point of arching throughout any sort of chest press is a obligatory and direct results of setting a secure higher again. Nevertheless, points can come up in case your arch will get uncontrolled and too excessive.

Person in gym doing incline press incorrectly
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In case your stomach begins to strategy the identical degree as your sternum or chest, it’s possible you’ll end up with an awkwardly angled torso that begins to extra intently resemble a flat press than an incline.

Keep away from it: Preserve your core braced, drive your physique into the bench utilizing your legs, and solely arch by miserable your shoulder blades  — tucking them into your “again pockets.” Don’t arch by attempting to “make house” between your decrease again and the bench.

Flared Elbows

There’s a candy spot to your elbow angle throughout most presses. A standard mistake is flaring your elbows out in order that your arms are nearly utterly perpendicular to your physique.

person in gym doing incline dumbbell press
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All people goes to be barely totally different relying on their particular person arm size, however there’s a powerful probability this straight outward place would possibly restrict your vary of movement or run into some demanding points at your shoulder joints or shoulder blades.

Keep away from it: Purpose for a pleasant center floor between having your elbows totally tucked (aimed straight forward) and totally flared (aimed straight to the edges). An ideal goal to shoot for is to have your higher arms at roughly a 45-degree angle out of your shoulder throughout a lot of the vary of movement.

Inactive Legs

One quite common mistake on the incline dumbbell press is totally forgetting about your decrease physique. Whereas urgent is clearly designed to primarily goal your chest, triceps, and shoulders, an energetic and engaged decrease physique can assist with total-body stability and general efficiency.

Person in gym doing incline dumbbell press
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Keep away from it: As a result of wiggling round can scale back your secure place, hold your ft flat on the bottom and dig in. Use your legs to always push your self into the bench press pad by way of your thighs and hips.

Brief Vary of Movement

Coaching with excessive depth is a fairly frequent prerequisite for outcomes. Sadly, it isn’t unusual to see a lifter “reduce depth” as an train begins to get more durable and more durable.

person in gym doing heavy weight incline dumbbell press
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Both by way of deciding on too heavy of a dumbbell or just by accumulating fatigue throughout a set, the vary of movement typically begins to decrease slowly and the previous couple of reps of a set could find yourself with a shorter vary of movement than the preliminary reps of the identical set.

Keep away from it: Maintain your self accountable all through the exercise. Carry out a constant vary of movement for every repetition and select your working weights to ensure you may hit it with each rep of each set.

How you can Progress the Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

The incline dumbbell press will be a wonderful staple train in your program. There may be some huge worth in getting a powerful base of power utilizing a machine chest press or flat bench variation first, however when you’re on the incline dumbbell press, progressing it may be approached in a couple of very efficient methods.

Diploma of Incline

The bench’s diploma of incline will have an effect on your degree of stability and may doubtlessly even alter the swath of muscle that will get the best stimulation (1). These two concerns can assist you propose your most popular “angle” of assault. They’ll additionally provide you with a pleasant lengthy pathway to progress.

person in gym doing incline dumbbell press
Credit score: MDV Edwards / Shutterstock

Sometimes, a decrease incline (flat or barely above flat) will likely be extra secure as a result of gravity remains to be helping your stability to a larger extent. Every time you are feeling prepared to extend the problem and progress your self to a different degree, kick the incline up a notch till you’re at a stable 45-degree for a pure incline press.

Simply know that because the angle goes increased than 45 levels, and approaches a 90-degree “incline” bench, you’re shifting muscular stress additional out of your chest and extra straight onto your shoulders.

Including Repetitions

Generally the best choice is so as to add repetitions whereas sustaining the identical load in your incline dumbbell press. Because you’re utilizing dumbbells because the loading instrument, the unilateral (single-sided) side of the train could make fast jumps in weight lots more durable to do since every arm is chargeable for, actually, carrying its personal share of the burden.

If so for you, including repetitions on a number of units per exercise, or steadily growing the full repetitions carried out per day general, is usually a approach of progressing. This can enable you extra time to strengthen your potential to manage and stabilize the identical load, which can make a rise in weight really feel much less daunting while you lastly do transfer to heavier weights.

Including Load

Including load is usually the obvious approach of progressing any train, though it needs to be approached with care. Utilizing heavier weights can assist guarantee definitive, measurable progress — however it might additionally run you headlong into an early plateau.

Upon getting added a substantial quantity of power and stability by growing repetitions, begin serious about making the smallest incremental soar in load you could which can assist to keep away from hitting a plateau and permit extra long-term progress. Many dumbbells are fastened in five-pound increments, however you may additionally have entry to plate-loaded adjustable dumbbell handles or magnetic add-on weights which will be connected to dumbbells and permit will increase as little as one or two kilos. 

Rising Frequency

Generally, to see the perfect general progress in an train, you must work in your ability and method. On this case, it may be extraordinarily helpful to increase your training frequency by performing the incline dumbbell press extra typically every week.

If you happen to solely practice the motion as soon as per week, take into account including a second session to enhance your expert execution. This may have a really optimistic amplifying impact on your entire different development instruments as effectively.

Advantages of the Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

The incline dumbbell press is a improbable instrument for strengthening your higher physique, constructing extra  chest muscle, and benefiting from a unilaterally managed train.

Gaining Power

Except for a primary barbell, dumbbells are one of the vital efficient instruments for building strength. The total-body stability, coordination, and absolute load that dumbbells can obtain make for a improbable power coaching choice.

The incline dumbbell press is an efficient frequent accent train in lots of powerlifting applications, chatting with the worth of the motion in growing vital urgent power.

Constructing Muscle

The incline dumbbell press is usually a very efficient muscle-building train. The incline angle can assist you goal your higher chest whereas additionally constructing your shoulders and triceps. As a result of the dumbbells will let you carry the weights collectively within the high place, you may get an extended vary of movement in comparison with utilizing a set barbell. This will additional enhance the muscle-building stimulus. (2)

Coaching Unilaterally

Maybe one of many greatest advantages is the unilateral side of the train. Unilateral workout routines usually emphasize one facet of the physique working independently of the opposite.

person in gym struggling with dumbbell press
Credit score: Serghei Starus / Shutterstock

Every arm is chargeable for controlling one dumbbell with out help from the other facet. This can assist encourage probably the most pure urgent path as a result of the load is distinct and never linked like a barbell, permitting your shoulder and elbow joints to maneuver extra with comparatively extra freedom and doubtlessly much less joint pressure. The elevated stability requirement may also pressure a extra even improvement of power and coordination.

Muscle groups Labored by the Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

The incline dumbbell press primarily works three main higher physique muscle tissues — your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Whereas these are typically thought-about “vainness” muscle tissues because of their high-profile look, additionally they play a key position in displaying higher physique power and stability.


The primary body part concerned is your chest (or pectoralis main). The chest is a broad swath of muscle that covers many spots all throughout the entrance of your higher physique — out of your collarbones to the breastbone and even a few of the ribs.

Every of those areas insert upon the identical location at your higher arm that means, so any urgent angle will in the end harness the complete chest. Nevertheless, the incline dumbbell press places a selected emphasis on the higher muscle fibers, or the extremely wanted “higher pecs.” (3)


Your shoulders (particularly, the anterior deltoid or entrance shoulder muscle) are an almost inseparable a part of any urgent train. The anterior deltoid originates on the surface of your collarbone and inserts on the deltoid tuberosity (a small protrusion on the outer-middle a part of your higher arm bone). Because it’s positioned right here, most of your chest presses and chest flye workout routines will equally draw upon the anterior deltoid muscle.


The triceps are a meaty muscle comprised of three separate heads working collectively, on the again facet of your higher arm. They’re accountable primarily for extending your elbow, so they are going to be closely concerned in efficiently finishing any urgent train.

muscular person in gym doing incline dumbbell press
Credit score: MDV Edwards / Shutterstock

Urgent along with your elbows and higher arms set roughly 45-degrees out of your shoulder can harness a ton of triceps activation due to the improved depth and elevated vary of movement you may obtain.

How you can Program the Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

The incline dumbbell press is usually a surprisingly versatile train to your repertoire. It could possibly function a major motion of the day, an adjunct carried out after a heavier train, it may be used as a “pre-fatigue” instrument to concentrate on chest improvement, and it could actually even be concerned in a motion preparation or warm-up.

Main Motion

Your major motion is the meat and potatoes of any exercise. It’s the primary train carried out within the session, usually as a result of it’s the motion you’ll strategy with the best quantity of effort and vitality.

As a major train, the incline dumbbell press can be utilized for hypertrophy (muscle-building) and even for constructing power when you begin to get accustomed to the motion. Just a few units of 8-12 repetitions will likely be an excellent muscle-builder. If you happen to’re capable of safely execute within the 6-8 vary, it will also be leveraged for power.

Accent Train

If it’s not the primary train of your exercise, the incline dumbbell press is a powerful candidate for the second motion of the day. When you’ve accomplished, for instance, a heavy flat barbell bench press, it’s frequent to slip the incline dumbbell bench press into the subsequent slot to coach the muscle tissues from a distinct angle and/or with totally different loading and quantity.

This strategy will be an efficient strategy to construct muscle, however it could actually additionally assist shore up shoulder mobility and stability because of the inclined angle and diversified vary of movement from the earlier train. Since your muscle tissues will already be a bit drained from the principle train, you’ll get loads of stimulation from a barely lighter load whereas aiming for 8-12 repetitions per set.


Pre-fatigue is a strategic method to your programming. In an ideal world, you’d have all of the entry to loading and each potential train at your whim, however typically you’re caught with a restricted quantity of coaching instruments out there. In these situations, pre-fatiguing your chest with a focused train just like the incline dumbbell press can sufficiently work the muscle sufficient to maintain any following workout routines difficult sufficient to ship vital stimulation.

That is just like utilizing the train as a major motion, however maintains the intention and effectiveness of extra workout routines. Pair the incline dumbbell press with tempo coaching (lifting and reducing slowly) and reasonable repetitions within the 10 to 12 rep vary, and it may be a robust strategy to breathe new life into any chest-focused exercise.

Motion Preparation

Motion preparations are warm-up plans that use workout routines themselves in a intelligent and environment friendly strategy to examine many containers concurrently. The incline dumbbell press can be utilized as part of your warm-up routine to be sure you have entry to all of the vary of movement you would possibly want for a barbell variation or flat bench press, for instance.

It’ll additionally serve to observe your potential to stabilize your higher again and shoulders previous to hitting extra closely loaded workout routines in your exercise. Consider the incline dumbbell press as the ultimate examine earlier than advancing to your major motion of the day.

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press Variations

In case you are in search of some efficient chest workout routines just like the incline dumbbell press, altering the implement or barely modifying the sample are stable choices. The incline machine press, incline cable press, neutral-grip incline dumbbell press, and incline dumbbell energy flye can all be nice instruments at your disposal. 

Incline Machine Press

The incline machine press will assume a extra fastened vary of movement than the incline dumbbell press. Since it’s locked in its personal path, you might be typically capable of load the train heavier as a result of your stabilizing muscle tissues are much less of a limiting issue.

The steadiness of the machine additionally enables you to extra safely strategy muscular failure and extra safely going previous failure with depth methods like forced reps, in comparison with dumbbells. These are nice advantages for those who’re pursuing muscle and power positive factors, however some machines is usually a bit tough in the event that they doesn’t completely suit your body. 

Incline Cable Press

The incline cable press is usually a uniquely efficient modification to the dumbbell motion. You’ll nonetheless get unilateral advantages, however you’ll additionally get a contact extra stability when utilizing cables quite than dumbbells.

You may anticipate a larger vary of movement that may simply accommodate particular person limb lengths. Cables additionally provide fixed pressure by sustaining muscular stress all through your complete motion, which can assist to stimulate extra muscle development. (4)

Impartial-Grip Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

A neutral-grip incline dumbbell press locations you in a barely extra secure place than the usual incline dumbbell press grip (along with your palms dealing with ahead). In case you are working towards extra cell and secure shoulders, enhance your odds by deciding on an angle of incline that at the moment works for you (similar to a barely decrease angle) and urgent with a impartial grip.

You’ll nonetheless be capable of acquire some critical baseline power, coordination, and stability, however the impartial grip will reduce the problem barely.

Incline Dumbbell Energy Flye

The incline energy flye is a superb mixture train. It’ combines’s one-part dumbbell press variation and one-part chest flye variation. The distinctive train entails bending your arms to a extra vital diploma than throughout a standard flye sample.

It nonetheless hits your higher chest with an incline motion, however the flye movement means that you can make positive factors even while you’re restricted in load. If you’re in a pinch for tools or need to blast your chest in minimal time, performing the incline dumbbell energy flye with a medium load for reasonable reps will be simply the repair.


What ought to I do if my elbows hold wobbling throughout the incline dumbbell bench press?

This may be an indication that the load is just too nice or your incline is ready too excessive to your present talents. Attempt beginning with a a lot decrease incline or barely decreasing the burden.
You too can make use of tempo coaching for a couple of weeks — taking two or extra seconds to carry the burden and one other two or extra seconds to decrease every repetition. The slower tempo can assist you concentrate on management and you need to be capable of stabilize way more successfully with much less motion at your elbows.

Can I do each incline and flat dumbbell urgent in the identical exercise?

You should use each of those workout routines inside the similar coaching program, however the perfect suggestion is to separate them into separate coaching classes to keep away from redundancies.
They provide distinct advantages, however they’re each dumbbell presses. To maintain your choices open for extra variable coaching on both day, select one dumbbell press to do in every higher physique coaching session, after which transfer on to different workout routines that cowl totally different floor.

What ought to I do if I plateau?

You can begin to strategically manipulate your coaching variables to interrupt or keep away from these plateaus. As you begin to discover your outcomes slowing, change your angle of inclination from the bottom to reasonable after which the best — stopping earlier than it turns into a totally vertical shoulder press.
You too can pair this with altering load and repetitions ranges as effectively, steadily going from lighter weight with increased repetitions to heavier weights with decrease repetitions. Collectively, these two options ought to hold you progressing for a very long time.

Press On

The incline dumbbell bench press is a superb meshing of many alternative coaching instruments and helpful ideas: Independently manipulated dumbbells, an extended vary of movement, stability and mobility calls for, and really versatile programming potential. Any certainly one of these advantages is motive sufficient to start out tinkering with this motion, not to mention all of them collectively. If you happen to’re trying to sneak in some new urgent positive factors and pumped up higher pecs, look no additional than this straightforward, traditional, and efficient motion.


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